Kevin Watkins Photography Wedding Photographers Sussex

Frequently Asked Questions…

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

Well I actually started taking serious photographs at around the age of ten or so. At just fifteen I worked as a photographers assistant at a wedding and portrait studio in Bognor Regis, initially on Saturdays before going full time with them at sixteen. I shot my first wedding as a self employed wedding photographer at the age of just nineteen, so well over 20 years now. I also photographed family portraits, both in the studio and out on location before then too.

Which areas do you cover?

I mainly cover weddings in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent. I have also photographed many weddings in and around London as well as Essex, Middlesex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.

Do you have back up equipment?

Absolutely, I carry more than enough equipment to cover almost any eventuality. My cameras also feature dual memory cards, so every image is backed up in two formats to each card throughout the day.

How much time do you spend on each wedding?

I usually spend around 4 to 5 days per wedding. This includes general administration and correspondence, pre wedding shoot (if applicable) and processing, travel time, equipment preparation, the wedding day itself, back ups and archiving, editing, extensive post production, web gallery and USB production, print ordering, album design, proofing, production, delivery and more..

Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured for up to £5,000,000 public liability and £100,000 professional indemnity. I can provide my policy number or certificate if your venue requires it before the big day.

What will you wear at our wedding?

I usually wear a suit unless the weather is really hot, then I will wear a smart shirt and trousers. I feel it is very important to be smart, polite and to fit in with your guests.

What if you are ill on the day?

I would have to break both legs not to turn up! Joking apart, I love my job and am completely dedicated to my business. I have never been unable to attend a wedding and have a network of photographers I could call upon to help out in case of an emergency.

How many photographs will we get and how big can we print them?

You will receive well over 400 images (usually around 600) and you can print them as large as you wish, but I would ask that you contact me for advice on how to get the best image quality if you are going any bigger than 12x8 inches. I also suggest that you use a decent lab and ensure that no automatic adjustments are made to the files whenever possible. For any form of ‘Bespoke’ package options, the number of finished images will vary depending on how many hours coverage you choose.

Do you require feeding on the day?

Not at all, I always bring my own refreshments, however if there is the offer of a bite to eat I won’t say no!

What and when do we pay?

There is a booking fee of £295 which is required to secure the date, the remainder of your chosen package is then due one month before the wedding.

This all sounds great, can we book you for our wedding?

Absolutely, just as long as I am available for your date! Once you have checked my availability you can book your wedding here.